Neurofluidics 2017

The conference took place in Grenoble, France on the Minatec campus.


9h – 10h00 Welcoming / coffee – Poster setup

10h00-12h00 Session 1 – Trafficking and signaling in microfluidic devices

10h – 10h40 Anne M. Taylor, University of North Carolina, USA, Invited Keynote Speaker

Investigating synaptic remodeling following axon damage using a microfluidic approach

10h50 – 11h10 Julie Bruyere, Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience, FR

Huntingtin-mediated axonal transport of APP determines synaptic Aβ accumulation

11h15 – 11h35 Eitan Zahavi, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Compartmentalized microfluidic chambers in the study of dendrite-to-axon transcytosis and spatial specificity of axon-growth signals

11h40 – 12 h Raphael Trouillon, EPFL, Switzerland

A microfluidic/electrochemical system for the dynamic analysis of exocytosis

12h00-14h00 Buffet / network / Poster session

14h00-15h30 Session 2 – Recording and stimulating: Recording and stimulating neuronal activity

14h – 14h40 Yoonkey Nam, KAIST, South Korea, Invited Keynote Speaker

Nanoplasmonic neural interface: Modulating neuronal activity by light and heat

14h50 – 15h10 Eve Mouteaux, Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience, FR

An integrated microelectrode array and microfluidic platform for stimulating and recording reconstructed neuronal networks

15h15 – 15h35 Maxime Cazorla, Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience, FR

Vesicular Treadmilling in Axons Defines How Synapses Adapt to High Neuronal Demand

15h40-16h00 Coffee break

16h-17h30 Session 3 – Structuring and investigating neural networks

16h – 16h40 Jonathan J. West, Univ. Southampton, UK, Invited Keynote Speaker

Microscale platforms for investigating neuronal circuits

16h50 – 17h10 Amandine Virlogeux, Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience, FR

Reconstituting Corticostriatal Network On-a-Chip Reveals the Contribution of the Presynaptic Compartment to Huntington’s Disease

17h15 – 17h35 Ines Luchtefeld, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

A Force-Controlled Nanopipette for Single Neuron Manipulation and Adhesion Force Measurement

17h45 – 21H Cocktail


9h – 10h Coffee welcome

10h-12h Session 4 – Compartmentalized devices for co-culture

10h – 10h40 Merhiem Lamghari, INEM, Portugal, Invited Keynote Speaker

10h50 – 11h10 Eran Perlson, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Compartmental Microfluidic System for Studying Muscle-Neuron Communication and Neuromuscular Junction Maintenance

11h15 – 11h35 Fabrice Bardin, University of Nimes, FR

3D coculture of sensory neurons and skin cells on a microfluidic scaffold

12h-14h Lunch / networking / Poster session

14h-15h35 Session 5 – Structuring and investigating neural networks 2

14h00-14h40 Janos Vörös, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, Invited Keynote Speaker

Tools that enable bottom-up neuroscience

14h50 – 15h10 Yoshiho Ikeuchi, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Generation of a Motor Nerve Organoid with Human Stem Cell-Derived Neurons

15h15 – 15h35 Céline Braini, Institut Curie, FR

High-resolution volume imaging of neurons by the use of Fluorescence eXclusion method and dedicated microfluidic devices

16h00 Conference closing

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