2017 Program

Thursday November 23rd 2017
9h – 10h30 Welcoming / coffee
10h30-12h30 Session 1 – Molecular analysis in compartmentalized devices
12h30-14h00 Buffet / network
14h00-15h30 Session 2 – Intracellular trafficking using  microfluidic devices
15h30-16h00 Coffee break
16h-17h30 Session 3 – Recording and stimulating: Recording and stimulating neuronal activity
18h-20h Refreshments

9h – 10h Coffee
10h-12h Session 4 – Structuring neural networks: Chemical and physical approaches
12h-14h Lunch / networking
14h-14h30 Session 5 – Structuring neural networks: Computational  and pharmacogenetic approaches
14h30 – 15h Coffee break
15h-16h30 Session 6 – Activity recording: devices and network analysis
16h30 Conference closing

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