Neurofluidics 2016

9h – 10 h, Welcoming / coffee
10h-12h, Session 1 – Molecular neurobiology in microfluidics devices

, Homaira Nawabi (GIN) – Axon guidance of Regenerative Fibers
, Guillaume Becq (GIPSA)  – Neural networks: models and experiments
, Catherine Villard (IPGG) – Asymmetric axonal edge guidance: a new paradigm for building oriented neuronal networks
,Ayako Yamada (IPGG) – Transient microfluidic compartmentalization: from 2D to 3D organized brain cell structures
, Vincent Studer (CNRS) – Investigating neural development in engineered microenvironments
, Céline Braini (IPGG) – Novel microfluidic device for high resolution cells volume measurements: toward neurons 3D imaging
12h-13h30, Buffet / network

13h30-15h30, Session 2 – Cellular traficking in microgrooves

, Florence Rage (CNRS) – Axonal mRNA transport in motoneurons
, Marie Luce Vignais (IRMB) – Transfer of mitochondria via tunneling nanotubes (TNT) between mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) and glioblastoma stem cells (GSC)
, Christopher Chapman (ETH Zurich) – Neuronal patterning on « neurotrophic » nanoporous gold interfaces for enhanced electrophysiological recording performance
, Frédéric Saudou (GIN) – Huntington’s disease on a chip
, Benoit Charlot (IES) – Microelectrode arrays and microfluidics for stimulation and recording of neuronal junctions
, Florien Malloggi (CEA Saclay)  – SELF-ROLLED POLYMER FILM: A novel approach to microfluidic devices

15h30-16h00, Coffee break

16h-18h, Session 3 – Microfluidics neuro-engineering for network level approaches

, Luc Buée (INSERM / CHU-Lille) – Prion-like propagation in neurodegenerative disorders
, T.hibault Honegger (LTM) – Network scale microfluidic neuro-engineering
, Frank Yates (CNRS) – Brain organoids en 3D
, Fabrice Bardin (U. Nimes/IES) – 3D Co-culture of sensory neurons and skin cells on PDMS microfluidic scaffold
, Florent Alibart (IEMN) –  Techno BioMEMS
, Timothée Lévi (IMS) – Biomimetic neural network for neurodegenerative diseases

18h+, Refreshments

Some pictures of Neurofluidics 2016:

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