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The conference will be held at Genopolys:
Campus Arnaud de Villeneuve
141 rue de la Cardonille
34396 Montpellier CEDEX 5

How to get to Genopolys :
– by tramway line 1 (blue tramway) direction “Mosson”, stop at station “Occitanie”, the
entrance to Genopolys is located in front of the Tramway station, close to the faculty
of medicine. Approx. 20-25mn journey from main station or “place de la comédie”
– Bus

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Located by the Mediterranean sea, in the Occitanie region of France, the city of Montpellier combines a typical relaxed atmosphere with a rich medieval downtown and a modern metropolis known for its innovation and scientific activities. Built around the year 985, Montpellier is now the 7th-largest city of France. The good weather and quality of life have made Montpellier the fastest-growing city in the country over the past 25 years. Within a few kilometers, the countryside around Montpellier offers many cultural activities and various landscapes from vineyards to Camargue’s lagoons and their wildlife, and of course the beaches.

Direction :

By plane : You can get to Montpellier by airplane connecting from Paris, London or Amsterdam.

Montpellier airport  is located 20mn by taxi or shuttle bus to the center of the town.

By train : Direct TGV from Paris (3h30), Barcelona (3h) or Brussel (5h).

Notice : There is two railway stations in Montpellier : Montpellier St Roch is located in the center of the town near place de la comedie and connects with all tramway lines.

Montpellier Sud de France is a new TGV only station located in the suburbs of the town with much less connections to the tramway line, prefer Montpellier St Roch for your trip.

By tramway : Montpellier city has a dense network of tramways with 4 lines connecting all major places including Genopolys conference centre. Tramway is the most convenient way for commuting in Montpellier.